about us

Kharece Montessori International School

Kharece International School, by the grace of God, has been committed to raising up a total child. With God on our side for the past years, we have focussed our attention on the following process;

”Raising up a child academically, morally, spiritually and physically.”

At Kharece, we nurture a child who will command people’s respect. Also, who grows up to be a leader, an exemplary figure and a model in every area of life. Our children are taught how to be an embodiment of perfection, strong, reliable and being able to cope with challenges.

Today, our children’s behaviour, achievements and disposition are pointers to the fact that we keep to our promise.

However, we know that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong. God’s grace has always been our help just like the motto of our school states.

—Dr (Mrs) Dupe odebode